Mindgardens Creations

Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.


  • Do You?

    Do you remember how it felt to touch me
    Or how my kisses would stir you deep within
    Can you feel the heat building when you recall

  • Little Wonders

    Little feet and little hands
    Curious fingers and ticklish toes
    Dimpled cheeks with a smile so big
    Perfected sweetly with a pudgy nose

    Happy baby with twinkling eyes
    Giggling, laughing,…

  • Faces

    A face is a mask that all people wear
    Some are worn guardedly and some without care

    A face depicts moods and emotions we feel
    And sometimes what…

  • The Forgetting

    Dancing in the moment
    Forgetting to remember
    What should be priority
    In this chilly month of december

    Any mind would mind
    These secrets that I hide
    But I am without worry

  • Then and Now

    I pour my heart upon this page
    As I reminisce of memories come and gone
    Knowing now what I knew not then
    And having reached beyond the beyond


  • Vengeance

    The deck’s all laid out
    As always, the Ace is never on top
    Poor baby; you sure can’t win for lose
    Because noone ever taught you when to…