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Alternate Reality

Take the mesh from my eyes
And let me see the world
My reality is not your own
In your mind, I’m just a whore

Falling pieces come undone
Watch me struggle in need
You see a mask; you don’t see me
Just pretend I’m having fun

Gone is my pride; gone is my mind
All that is left is my little white-ass behind
Alone with my thoughts; alone in my pain
Voices fill my head; they all say I’m insane

Alone in this dark is where I dwell
No place to go; no heaven, no hell
Too tired and scared to face the next day
No desire to know what fate will throw my way

You say life is peachy
Well, I care not for fruit
My mind wanders aimlessly
There is no hope for truth

by Bonny & Billy – ©1999 to present

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