Welcome to Mindgardens!

What We Offer
Mindgardens.com is a local freelance design service of Melbourne, Australia and we offer quality graphic design services at competitive prices. As a freelance based business, we aim to minimise the need for a middle man so that the money you spend goes toward better quality and a more personalised experience. With most design businesses, you’re not only paying for the designer’s work but also huge costs for the business management side which often boosts your out of pocket costs beyond necessity. That typically means less revenue for the designer which equals less time and effort focused into the final project and less quality work for the customer. We focus on the end result being the best it can be so that all parties are happy.

Why Us?
Because we care about our work and our customers matter! If you’re looking for a designer who loves what they’re doing and is willing to go the extra mile to make your design project a success, choose Mindgardens Creative Services!

Keeping it Local
Mindgardens Creative Services also guarantees that your projects are designed locally to the Melbourne, Victoria region and not outsourced to overseas agencies. Our team lives and works in the Melbourne, Victoria region. Often, many design firms who operate locally outsource work overseas to minimise their out of pocket costs in paying employees Australian-based Graphic Designer wages. When you work with a freelancer who does all the work in-house, you are supporting your local community and ensuring your site is in the hands of people who live and work within your community.

Our History
Mindgardens.com has been around since as early as the year 2000 displaying a range of poetry and art for nearly two decades! We’ve only recently decided to take the plunge and become so much more. Art, design & creative aspirations have always been the focal point of this site. We have since evolved to what we’ve become today and are proud to offer our freelance design services!

We also want to state that we are not in any way affiliated with Snoop Lion’s (formerly Snoop Doggie Dog) new Mindgardens Project. We are happy that Snoop has chosen to share the Mindgardens name to promote his new Mindgardens Project and wish him all the best as we strongly support any charity effort with such a good cause. If you stumbled across our page in an attempt to locate his, you may want to try www.mindgardens.org. We support his efforts and wish him all the best as there is no greater accomplishment in life than to help others.

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