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Star Mesh Body Price Comparison

In time, I will be reviewing several of the mainstream bodies available on the market for Second Life women and giving you my basic rundown of them, their advantages and disadvantages as well as price comparisons. Stay tuned for future updates to the Star Mesh Body Price Comparison article!

Star Mesh Body & Heads $4500L


  • lel-EvoX compatible
  • Two Bento Heads (Baby & Pro)
  • All new advanced HUD with theme changer!
  • Body Conformer (allows you to wear Classic & most Maitreya clothes)
  • Bakes on Mesh compatible (BOM)
  • Advanced Mesh Body shaper in HUD
  • Advanced Color & Material Customization
  • Full HUD & Light HUD for less lag!
  • Updated Facial Animations (20 face poses & 10 mood animations)
  • Bento hands with 14 hand positions (rude finger included)
  • Alpha Cut Options for Every Need!
  • Awesome new & improved makeups, nails & more!
  • Several skin options including spotty, natural, dry, mature, oily & wet!
  • Additional body modifier add-ons for further customization (big girl, flat tummy, breast & butt modifications)
  • Wiggly elf & pixie ear modifiers in 6 sizes.
  • Wear Mesh clothes for other mesh bodies via conformer add-on (sold separately)
  • All skin & appliers provided in SL-UV format for BOM
  • Four body layers for appliers (skin, tattoo, underwear, cloths)
  • Excellent body rigging
  • 10 skin tones + 5 with freckles & custom shapes
  • BOM optimized single layer body also included
  • 4 feet shapes & ankle lock
  • Head Animation Lock & Genital Lock Options (or hide the bits!)
  • Compatible with Slink & Maitreya shoes (foot size dependent)
  • Unscripted modifiable body layers for experienced users to customize
  • Outfits, BOM skins, cosmetics, clothes & more included in package
  • Custom materials for each layer
  • Realistic looking & functional female bits that open & close
  • Several nipple shapes (none, normal, aroused, super aroused)
  • Free updates!
  • More Add-ons always under development!
  • Sex hud compatibility

Our Review: Well it’s a given that we recommend this head & body combo but let’s dive into why. Star Mesh Body is without a doubt the most advanced and feature rich body on the market. You get all the bells & whistles other bodies feature with so many extras that most bodies require you to pay extra for. Additionally, you also get the body conformer addon that allows you to wear clothing made for Classic & most Maitreya bodies. You don’t have to wait for creators to catch up. Walk right out onto the street wearing all the latest fashions other ladies wear. You also get the Panthoria add-on that allows you to completely transform yourself into a fantasy creature. If you want to know more, we’ve written a fairly in-depth review on why we recommend the Star Mesh Body HERE. If you’re interested in buying the Star Mesh Body, you can find them in-world HERE or on the Marketplace HERE.

While I am a Star Mesh Body designer, fan & supporter, opinions expressed here on this website are not endorsed by the Star Mesh creator team. I felt it was important to do a comparison of the value between the mainstream SL bodies and that of the Star Mesh Body. You can read more about the Star Mesh Body and find out what makes this body so special HERE.

eBODY Reborn $3500


  • Attractive HUD with limited options (by comparison)
  • BOM Ready
  • Modify Permissions
  • Versatile Curvy Shapes
  • Materials Ready
  • Alpha HUD
  • Neck leL Compatibility
  • 5 Nipple Sizes
  • 5 Foot Positions
  • 21 Hand Poses
  • 5 Nail Sizes
  • 26 Nail Colors
  • 5 Skin Tones
  • Lingerie by Giltzz

Our Review: If I were to choose another body that wasn’t Star Mesh, this would probably be the one I would go with (shown above). It is very attractive, good quality, has lots of great addons that are quite popular with the ladies who like a voluptuous figure. I love the curvy body and ability to change her body shape to fit the bigger girl look in a very attractive way. Who knew having thick thighs could be so sexy? The shop is super simple to navigate. Everything you need to get you started is made available there plus landmarks to other creators who sell clothing & accessories for it. You still have to do  your own homework and find the sex hud and cum systems you want to use. This doesn’t come inherent with this body. In fact, the genitalia was quite disappointing. I had to purchase the V Bento eBODY Reborn Vagina separately for a whopping $1990L just to have a semi-realistic vagina. It’s great for what it is and works beautifully with the physics cock system but it doesn’t make me as happy as the one that comes built on my Star Mesh Body. You can purchase the eBODY Reborn body HERE.

Maitreya Lara $2750


  • Bakes on Mesh (BOM) Ready
  • Save Stick for Body Configurations
  • Bento Hands & Poses with built-in AO
  • 5 Foot Shapes
  • 3 Nipple Shapes
  • 30 HD Nipple Textures
  • 22 Skin Tones
  • Customizable Materials for skin & HD nipples
  • 3 Applier Layer Options (Tattoo, Underwear & Clothes)
  • Highly Customizable Applier Layers
  • 5 Nail Shapes
  • 18 Nail Polish Options
  • Detailed Alpha HUD with over 200 Sections
  • Mesh Lingerie by Erratic
  • Lingerie Appliers & BOM Layers by Zaara

Our Review: Like most long-term SL ladies, the Maitreya body is the one I started with and wore for many years with pride. Like with anything, it became outdated and better bodies became available. Maitreya recently announced a new update coming soon that is meant to provide many important and requested updates so my review will be updated once this update becomes available and I have a chance to review it. With that being said, Maitreya is still among one of the top selling bodies and has one of the largest selections of clothing & accessories available to it. This is a really important selling point for this body. Unfortunately, its outdated design means it has a much less attractive build, less realistic curves and functionality and doesn’t provide the same advantages many of the newer bodies do. It’s still a great body that lends itself to some really cute and fun looks. You can also get the petite version of this body which gives you more body options. The Maitreya Lara body can be found HERE.

Inithium Kupra $3500-$3999


  • Bakes on Mesh (BOM) Ready
  • BOM Skins provided by Not Found
  • Preset Shapes also provided
  • 4 Foot Shapes
  • 4 Feet Nail Shapes & 5 Hand Nail Shapes
  • 32 Nail Textures/Colors
  • Material Presets & Customization
  •  3 Breast Cup Sizes
  • 4 Nipple Types
  • Many Nipple Texture Variations
  • Default Hand Animations

Our Review: I really wanted to like this body but despite the positives, but it wasn’t easy to do. I tried all three variations and all three left me unimpressed. The vagina on the bodies were puffy and plain, except for the Kupra Kups which was more like a Maitreya vagina. It will require an addon to achieve a more realistic look but this isn’t so different from most other bodies. The nipple options didn’t really impress me much either. The nipple types were simply the nipple texture resized from smaller to larger nipples with a slight change in puffiness. I did like the cup size options available in the Kupra main body. It enabled you to choose from three cup sizes, including a flat option. The HUD itself was relatively simplistic which would be good for beginners but doesn’t really offer many options for more customization. In fact, there wasn’t even an alpha cut section to allow you to hide certain parts of the body which means many clothing items made for this body will have clippings and bleed throughs. The material presets didn’t really offer me any options I was very pleased with. They all seemed a bit ruddy and rough to me. The feet were different from others I’ve seen but also not really attractive. The one good thing I can say about them was that there were some really good nail shape options for both hands and feet, although, I would have liked a shorter toenail option. The shapes provided had extremely exaggerated proportions. Most were like a cartoon character come to life. For women who want to depict their bodies as large or true to RL, this might allow them to accomplish that. There were numerous BOM skins from Not Found included in the packs which were adequate quality to get you started. This isn’t a body I would consider for myself but if exaggerated proportions are what you are after, this body will definitely suit your needs. The Inithium Kupra body can be found HERE.

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  • Jeanie Kay

    I 100% agree about star meshbody I am also a designer for star I love the body and heads it’s my favorite body followed second by my meshbody legacy the creator of star is also amazing person very down to earth I give him many outfits I design to help him out I am working on a bunch of outfits for star as we speak as for maitreya they are stingy with dev kits so I’m not seeing outfits being made for them like they were if people would try out star meshbody I think there would be a new top body in sl it would be one of the most useful bodies in sl

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