Design Services Portfolio

Throughout the years, has seen many changes but through them all, this has long been a website dedicated to displaying Art & Design in addition to Poetry and other artistic expressions.  We’ve recently expanded to become Mindgardens Creations where we now offer many design related services. Please browse through our Design Services Portfolio to view some of our previous work to get an idea of the scope of our creative aspirations. We hope that it will give you an excellent idea of how we could possibly assist you with your next design project!

Please contact us to discuss your next Graphic Design project! We’re eager to discuss how we can help you with your next best design!

About the Designer / Artist

Bonny has spent her entire life devoted to her love of art and design. Since she was a young child, she has always pursued her artistic interests through many different forms of artistic expression. Some of the traditional artistic mediums Bonny has dabbled in, include acrylic painting, water colour painting, pen & ink, charcoal pencil, oil pastels, sculpting, screen printing, colour pencils and more. Being a Visual Arts major for her Bachelor’s degree along with her Associates Degree in Graphic Design and Certificate in Illustration, Bonny found the inspiration she needed to take her artistic endeavours further into the online media and graphic design world where she honed her skills to become the designer she is today.

Art and design weren’t the only areas of creative expression Bonny pursued. She was also very expressive in her writing and authored many beautiful poems that can be found in her Poetry portfolio.