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Mindgardens Creative Services has been online since the year 2000 and has undergone many site transformations and designs. We finally settled on a more earthy design to reflect the botanical nature of the name. We chose the green and other natural colours to further the earthy feeling with a curvy flare at the footer to soften the page and add to the overall natural feel. Previous site designs utilised Microsoft Frontpage and WordPress and while this design also uses the WordPress platform, we’ve purchased a theme that gives us an incredible range of design capabilities, enabling us to create the stunning visual design it is today.  For more information about our Web Design & SEO Services, visit our Services section. We hope to be adding some new amazing website designs to our Web Design Portfolio soon!

Joarli Entertainment

Joarli Entertainment is a fun, vibrant Sunbury based website I designed in collaboration with the site’s brilliant owner, Josephine Hatty! We debated on which web design platform would be best to use for her site that would be easy enough for her to maintain personally and eventually settled on Wix, a platform I had never used before and I quickly found myself falling in love with the beautiful features and design functionalities. With a bit of TLC, outstanding visual effects and graphic design skills, I proudly present one of my favourite designs yet! For more information about our Web Design & SEO Services, visit our Services section. Be sure to also visit Jo’s site and give her a ring for your next party or function!

Web Design

Published: May 25, 2017

Web Design by Bonny

Web Design has long been a passion of mine since the days of hand-coded html. I drifted away from the Web Design for many years while I focused on my Graphic Design interests and have since returned to embrace the latest new technological advances in online media. Because most of my previous experience is was for my past employer, I'm not at liberty to display those sites on my portfolio, however, I will say that I had the greatest pleasure in helping to build and create some of Melbourne's finest & prominent websites. I hope to bring that flare for Web Design to my latest endeavour, Mindgardens Creative Services! Be sure to check back for updates to our Web Design Portfolio!


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