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Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.

Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.

Poetry by Bonny

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Poetry by Bonny has been a lifelong endeavour of mine since I was a young girl. From the moment I learned to form sentences and rhyme words, I have communicated my thoughts and feelings through written expression. Having grown up with a lot of emotional and psychological struggles gave me much in-depth experience to draw from that helped to guide me in my writing. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found less of a need to express myself in poetry and have turned to other artistic expressions like Web & Graphic Design and sometimes even Photography.

Poetry is always at the heart of every expression and every emotion as life is like poetry in motion. I find the beauty in the most unusual places, embrace that beauty and draw life from each experience, allowing it to feed my creative energies. Growing older has also allowed me to outgrow many of the emotions that once drew me to the darker depths of artistic expression, providing me with the ability to experience life in a different and more uplifting way but within me is always the artistic energy that propels me to express myself through words and design.

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  • In the End

    Let your lips brush against mine
    Feel my breath against your skin
    Crushing me into your body
    And holding close my soul within

    Your fingers caress my hair tenderly
    As your kisses drain me of all resistance
    I feel your power and I tremble
    I offer you… Continue reading

  • Purple Rain

    The story of us came unexpectedly
    Like a thunderous storm, our love suddenly began
    Rising from the ashes of broken dreams
    Washing over us like the purple rain

    We soared far beyond the stars that night
    Exploring the boundaries of cosmic bliss
    Looking up into the… Continue reading

  • Passion’s Polarity

    The love I once felt is changed forever
    Destroyed by words of anger and pain
    Like fire and ice, we were passion’s polarity
    Calmed into a lull by the night’s gentle rain

    Bittersweet are my memories of you
    Leaving scattered footprints in my mind
    Our time… Continue reading

  • Behind the Mask

    Pieces of me now come together
    A harmonious being of patchwork
    Blending the fibers of my soul
    With a rainbow of emotions to sort

    My lips have tasted the sweeter side
    And these eyes have seen the darkness
    Experiencing all the many alluring facets
    Of life’s ever… Continue reading

  • Urushiol Tattoo

    Something sinister lurks beneath
    Wickedly dancing under my skin
    Taking possession of my body
    Like heated embers of a fire within

    Devouring hungrily upon my flesh
    Of a red and rosy colored hue
    Itching wildly beyond my control
    To rid myself of this urushiol tattoo

    Having foolishly been… Continue reading

  • Lurking Within

    Lurking deep within my mind
    Is the never-ending memory of
    A moment never meant for me
    Reminders of an unspeakable love

    Memories haunt me everywhere
    I long to be free but I just cry
    I hear your name most every day
    My heart is sinking deep inside

    Many… Continue reading

  • Moving On

    Those spying eyes may now be gone
    And as painful as it was to see you go
    It is just as relieving to finally be free
    Of the presence I once used to know

    Releasing my heart from your grasp
    I cleanse my mind of… Continue reading

  • Windows

    Windows open like little minds
    Absorbing all that passes by
    Like conversations overheard
    But keeping safe, what’s inside

    Wondrous secrets lurk within
    The windows show only a glimpse
    Of the world beyond the darkened glass
    This ever cycling mental eclipse

    Haunted memories dance beneath
    The crumbling interior of my mind
    Like… Continue reading


    Scented candles waxing my thoughts tonight
    As I silently sit alone in this darkened room
    Waiting for a brilliant thought that just might
    Enchant my senses or possibly and entirely consume
    My vividly taunting, hopeless imagination
    A memory once paused perhaps might resume

    Music drifting softly… Continue reading