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The Pain Inside

Hidden behind these eyes is a pain
That no one will ever truly understand
Shamefully, I veil them beneath my mirth
And carry on as though all things are grand
Misfortunate events and bad choices
Are all that I have to bring to this table
For the greatest of things was there already
Slip, slip, slipping further… I’m unstable
Hiding my pain has become the norm
How could I possibly explain the truth
I’ve tried but all I hear is myself
My selfish behavior has become uncouth
Wallowing in pity, mourning a loss
Blinded I’ve been to the love before me
Callous even…. thoughtless…. hurtful….
Numbed just a little…. by the shocking irony
This could get interesting….
Who knows….

Written June 17, 2007

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  • imperfect perfection

    Love this!

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