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Are We Technologically Connected?

Are We Technologically Connected?

In our rapidly advancing society, we’re finding more and more reliance on computers, gadgets, the internet and all things technological. As many movie producers have seemingly predicted time and time again, we’re moving into an age of absolute co-existence with machines. Whether they’re alive and thinking coherently as we do or not, there’s no denying that with them, we are team. We work together, live together, have fun together and do pretty much everything together. We take our mobile phones with us everywhere we go for example. Our phones are our window to the rest of the world, our connection to others, our provider of mass amounts of information. Look at all of the data our brains process each and every day, all from the tiny computers in the palm of our hands. We’re even implanting technology into our very bodies to replace and upgrade other parts! In so many ways, we are Technologically Connected, right down to the very molecular DNA coding of our uniquely individual bodies.

If you think about it, you might even realise, we ourselves, are a biological form of technology. From every fibre of our being, the neurological synapses of our very brains, transmitting data, processing data from one region of our brains to the other. These very messages, like computers, transmit huge amounts of data that influence the rest of our body to perform and function. And what is a computer for? It performs and functions. It is a tool. I’m not saying we’re tools too, but we do rely on our bodies to work like a tool to supply our brains with sustenance and protection.

But what makes all of this possible? We control our bodies much like we control our technologies. Unlike our toys and gadgets, we have awareness that stems from consciousness. Where does consciousness come from? Like everything else, can we create that too? Will our technologies ever be advanced enough that we can simulate the conditions that make it possible for us to experience awareness so that non-biological processes can achieve self awareness too?

I suppose the more I ponder the matter, the more I do start to see a real potential for non-biological computer systems to achieve awareness like ours but in an artificial environment. We exist with some very powerful, advanced technology coded right into our very DNA. We don’t know why but we know we exist and for some strange reason, we’re always drawn to technology. Our minds seem to crave the interaction with other technological processes. We seem driven to advance our technology and many of us daydream about the day when our technology catches up with us and becomes a sentient life-form of its own. We create stories and movies about it and call it sci-fi entertainment, yet, most of our technological advancements evolve from these wild, vivid imaginative ideas. Many people fear these possibilities but nevertheless, it’s a destiny we seem driven toward.

Over the decades, I’ve watched our technological dreams play out on t.v. and eventuate to reality. It does seem as though the old saying, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ (-Walt Disney) really does ring true. We rely on years of research and discoveries from previous generations of other human beings, build on that knowledge, grow and expand. Each generation is smarter than the last, or so it would seem. We become more and more connected to our technology, slowly slipping away into this world of technological imagination…. turned reality.

Our very minds almost seem coded in a way to seek out ways of making fantasy become reality and through science, we somehow always find a way to make it happen. From smart phones to teleportation (yes, this really is happening on an atomic scale now) to the internet, instant messaging, 3D printers, iPads, Google glasses, flip phones, hover-boards, air touch technology, face recognition technology, the list goes on and on. Whatever we dream up, we find ways to make it happen.

The interesting part of all of this is that the ability to do all of these things has always been there. It is us, with our biologically coded minds, who have needed time to catch up, to advance enough that we could learn how to use the resources at our disposal to discover ways of making these things happen. Just imagine all of the phenomenal inventions we have resources for that we have yet to discover! Will we one day be able to download our very consciousness so that we can continue learning and growing or will we forever be trapped in this cycle of passing on information to the next generation so that future generations can benefit from our advancements?

Whether you’re looking at this from a spiritual perspective or scientific, there is no denying that technology is a very integral part of our society and the desire for it has always been there. It’s a destiny we’ve been spiralling toward since humans created their first tool. We are technologically connected in every possible way, right down to our genetic DNA coding. Where it takes us as a society, nobody really knows. For now, we must continue to advance, learn, understand and evolve. Life… it is an ever evolving cycle of discovery.

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