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You and I

You say that I can be cruel
I think you could be right
You blame me for my anger
My bark is weaker than my bite

You sometimes do not trust me
I have only told you the truth
You love me when I’m unfaithful
I yearn for all things taboo

You often ignore what I say
I just get louder and speak my mind
You close me out and walk away
But I’m angry and I’m not far behind

You think that you can’t talk to me
I have my own point of view
You want me to shut up and listen
To what you think about things too

You feel that I’m unfair to you
I am trying to make you understand
You need to be more self-sufficient
And start believing that you can

You’re afraid that I don’t want you
I really just want us to be happy
You stand beside me, but I pull away
Being near you makes me feel snappy

I often ask you why you still love me
You plainly tell me that you just do
I don’t deserve this unconditional love
But you’re a part of me and I love you too.

by Bonny – ©2006 to present

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