Mindgardens Creations

Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.


  • Purple Rain

    The story of us came unexpectedly
    Like a thunderous storm, our love suddenly began
    Rising from the ashes of broken dreams
    Washing over us like the purple rain


  • Urushiol Tattoo

    Something sinister lurks beneath
    Wickedly dancing under my skin
    Taking possession of my body
    Like heated embers of a fire within

    Devouring hungrily upon my flesh
    Of a red and…

  • Lurking Within

    Lurking deep within my mind
    Is the never-ending memory of
    A moment never meant for me
    Reminders of an unspeakable love

    Memories haunt me everywhere
    I long to be free…

  • Windows

    Windows open like little minds
    Absorbing all that passes by
    Like conversations overheard
    But keeping safe, what’s inside

    Wondrous secrets lurk within
    The windows show only a glimpse
    Of the world…


    Scented candles waxing my thoughts tonight
    As I silently sit alone in this darkened room
    Waiting for a brilliant thought that just might
    Enchant my senses or possibly…