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Scented candles waxing my thoughts tonight
As I silently sit alone in this darkened room
Waiting for a brilliant thought that just might
Enchant my senses or possibly and entirely consume
My vividly taunting, hopeless imagination
A memory once paused perhaps might resume

Music drifting softly into the quiet night
And my curious thoughts pound hard inside my mind
Staring blankly into the gentle candlelight
Mesmerized by its burning beauty, I begin to unwind
Whirling thoughts begin to creep… I’m drifting
Away into another world, another time, I rewind

Fuzzy images dancing around within my head
Sounds and feelings and things left unsaid play
Over and over again and again… one more time
And then another, some memories never do go away
People, places, things I’ve done, now a memory
But I am whole, I’m here, I breathe…. and I’m okay

by Bonny – ©2006 to present

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