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Purple Rain

The story of us came unexpectedly
Like a thunderous storm, our love suddenly began
Rising from the ashes of broken dreams
Washing over us like the purple rain

We soared far beyond the stars that night
Exploring the boundaries of cosmic bliss
Looking up into the heavens, we found ourselves
Lost in the in the moment of a celestial kiss

Deeply entangled within a web of passion
Tempted by the cosmic jewels in the sky
Unable to break the spell that bound us together
We lost our souls to pure magic that night

Surrealism never felt so close to reality
As it did the moment we touched the stars
Captured by the ethereal beauty of you and me
And the sky above us, I was suddenly yours

Passion flowed with incredible force
Into the void that separated our hearts so long
And brought us together as no other force could
Igniting a river of emotion; ending in a billabong

Like clouds on a rainy night, our passion faded
Dried away and withered into a moment of pain
And tears that flowed from my eyes each night
Are all that was left of our purple rain

Ivy Plan Mascot | Mindgardens

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