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Urushiol Tattoo

Something sinister lurks beneath
Wickedly dancing under my skin
Taking possession of my body
Like heated embers of a fire within

Devouring hungrily upon my flesh
Of a red and rosy colored hue
Itching wildly beyond my control
To rid myself of this urushiol tattoo

Having foolishly been where I should not
I bear the marks of accidental sin
Seeking furiously my heated release
I desperately embrace this temporary solution

Stepping into the scalding water
I welcome the maddening euphoric rush
Stripping my skin of its histamines
Ahh…. eight sweet hours of blissful hush

While this poem was deliberately written to be mis-interpreted, it was actually written about an experience I had with poison ivy some years back where I learned that scalding hot water helps alleviate the itching associated with poison ivy and most any other types of itch. It also provides such an intense rush that it is nearly addictive. Don’t believe me? Try it sometime… if you dare!

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