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Don't You Dare Follow that Hare!

The first time you smiled
My heart sung with delight
Your eyes twinkled so brightly
Just like stars in the night

You soon learned to walk
Not long after, you ran
I watched as you grew
Into my handsome little man

With love I would guide you
But you followed another
Right down the path you went
Too far from your mother

I ran as fast as I could
But I couldn’t catch you
You chased a white rabbit
Beyond the woods into the kudzu

I cried and I begged of you
Please don’t go, please don’t you dare
Listen to your mother my love
Please don’t follow that hare!

I saw you smile back at me
And then you were gone
Your journey began that day
As you disappeared beyond

I would see you again of course
Every single day thereafter
Just a reflection in the mirror
Yet I could still hear your laughter

So I stretched out my arms
As I desperately reached out for you
But you were on the other side
Of a looking glass looking through

I wondered what had happened
When you followed that rabbit
He took you down his deep hole
To the Mad Hatter’s banquet

I watch and I wait for your return
But each day you travel further
Into a world that I cannot follow
A world meant for you and no other

If one day you should find
Your way back from this journey
Just know I will be here waiting
For my little love to come back to me

Love, Mommy

by Bonny – ©2010 to present

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