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Do You?

Do you remember how it felt to touch me
Or how my kisses would stir you deep within
Can you feel the heat building when you recall
How my lips softly brushed against your skin?

Do you still awaken so late at night and
Are you still plagued with thoughts about me
Or have you succeeded in forgetting everything
Can you really move on without another memory?

Do you remember the way we danced so close
As if we would never again see one another
So close to a beginning but already at the end
Our first kiss that night, was like no other.

Do you feel my body against yours when you dream
Does your mind play tricks on you when you’re with her
And are you curious to know if I’m thinking of you
Are you certain your choices can withstand forever?

Do you remember making love to me again and again
Wishing that moment wouldn’t have to be our last
Can you still taste me on your lips when you think back
Do you still have no regrets… for these moments in our past?

by Bonny – ©2006 to present

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