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My Birthright

Teardrops misting gently upon my cheek
As I often wonder why I wander away
From what I know and all that I trust
And find solace in this game of wordplay

Slowly diverging from who I once was
Some part of my old self surely remains
People will go but more will arrive
No part of tomorrow will ever be the same

Eraser in hand, I try to clean the slate
History has been written in permanent ink
A deafening scream sheers through my head
As I painfully realize nothing is in sync

A treacherous idea is etched in my thoughts
No erase and rewind button is in clear sight
Restless energy takes on a life of its own
This constant insanity must be my birthright

Fighting to stay in control of my thoughts
Grasping onto some semblance of this reality
Forging an alliance with my imagination
I have to wonder about my fleeting mentality

But then I struggle to remember something
Oh yea, I’ve been here many times before
Another moment has passed through my life
Challenging me again to a game of bi-polar

by Bonny – ©2006 to present

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