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Soil of My Imagination

Is this love
Is this torture
Is this temporary
Or could it be forever

Will you treasure me
Will you hate me
Will you forgive me
It must be my own insanity

Should I ask these questions
Do I have any right
Is it not my life to live
My love is your restless night

Do I not tell you my darkest secrets
They are the soil of my imagination
Fantasy to reality
Such daring inspirations

Do you really know me
Do you think anyone knows me
Do you think I am real
Perhaps your reality is merely my fantasy

Are you destiny
Are you everything I need
Are you lonely
When my lusty heart bleeds

I so often seek companionship
Where your heart does not beat
My unholy desires remain in remission
Why must love rule so bittersweet…

Soil of My Imagination by Bonny – ©1999 to present
This poem is not to be claimed by anyone else on ANY dating site or anywhere else for that matter. You are welcome to share with others, but please DO NOT think you can claim ownership in anyway to this poem. It is mine, I wrote it and put it here to share with others.

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