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(There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)

There’s a little story
That I really must tell
About two bad boys
Named Chip and Dale

One’s selling drugs
While the other one’s doped
Chip had a dream
But he lost all hope

Running from the cops
Never looked so hard
Now Dale’s wishing like hell
He never stole that car

The Devil’s gonna catch ya
No matter where you run
Poor little Chip
Never should have played with guns

You know when you play with fire
You gotta pay the price
When you lose at your own games
It’s like rolling the dice

Now you read it in the paper
No you didn’t miss a word
If you were a better mother
No one would be hurt

by Bonny – ©1999 to present
(special thanks to an old friend for the name of this poem)

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