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Music of Life

Music playing in my head
Life so full yet still so dead
Waiting, looking, finding you
Sad song tells a story true

A face appears; who could you be
An angel or demon here with me
The music stopped; a new melody begins
I’ve searched all over; where have you been

Music playing in my head
Life so full; I look ahead
Dancing, singing, loving you
Melodies of love tell a story true

Time passed by and you’re still here
Life, love, and memories we do share
The music fades; a new melody plays
I see our dreams fading away

Music pounding in my head
Life so full and I see red
Careless, reckless; I’m hurting you
Symphonies of confusion tell a story true

Now an Angel’s wing is broken
Tears, pain and mistrust I did bring
The harsh music lingers on
And I can’t find a new song

Songbirds singing in my ear
Life so full; I stop to hear
Standing, sitting, running free
Searching again for my destiny

Music of Life by Bonny – ©1999 to present

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