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Wait for Love

She blazed into your life and opened
Your heart and mind to every whim
And every desire she stirred within
You my friend…. and then

She drank of your body and your soul
Drained you of your essence
Devouring what she could for herself
And you become the evanescence

Of a life once full and rich with
A dream and a hope of tomorrow
But wait…. there is still yet
Another tomorrow, although

It may not be everything that you
Once had hoped and wished it to be
Because life is rich with mysteries
Waiting to be discovered, and finally

Another lover may enter your life
Stirring within all the hope and desire
And love you only thought you once knew
But never with such passion and fire

As the love you have yet to experience….

Wait for Love by Bonny – ©2003 to present

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