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Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.

Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.

Poetry by Bonny

Creative Expressions

Poetry by Bonny has been a lifelong endeavour of mine since I was a young girl. From the moment I learned to form sentences and rhyme words, I have communicated my thoughts and feelings through written expression. Having grown up with a lot of emotional and psychological struggles gave me much in-depth experience to draw from that helped to guide me in my writing. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found less of a need to express myself in poetry and have turned to other artistic expressions like Web & Graphic Design and sometimes even Photography.

Poetry is always at the heart of every expression and every emotion as life is like poetry in motion. I find the beauty in the most unusual places, embrace that beauty and draw life from each experience, allowing it to feed my creative energies. Growing older has also allowed me to outgrow many of the emotions that once drew me to the darker depths of artistic expression, providing me with the ability to experience life in a different and more uplifting way but within me is always the artistic energy that propels me to express myself through words and design.

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  • Poisoned Soul

    Let me damn you with my love
    I will hurt you with my tongue
    Offer me your heart to crush
    My words will kill before too long

    Trust me now for I am sweet
    Fooled you good: you come again
    Give to me your complete attention
    Forgive… Continue reading


    (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch)

    There’s a little story
    That I really must tell
    About two bad boys
    Named Chip and Dale

    One’s selling drugs
    While the other one’s doped
    Chip had a dream
    But he lost all hope

    Running from the cops
    Never looked so… Continue reading

  • Maybe

    Maybe… you will smile at me
    Maybe… you will listen to me
    Maybe… you will see the light
    Maybe… you will set me free

    Maybe… today will be the day
    Maybe… we will find our peace
    Maybe.. my heart won’t break this time
    Maybe… the tears will… Continue reading

  • Trapped

    Shed are thy ashes
    Upon this life
    A new burden piercing
    Sharp as a knife

    Hate is like fire
    That burns through the soul
    Scorching my pride
    With bitterness so cold

    Sin is the candy
    That feeds on us all
    Morbid pleasure
    Becomes marshal law

    Tears turn to ice
    Blood burns like acid
    Stench… Continue reading

  • Silent Surrender

    Shooting stars
    Stolen moments
    Breathless nights
    I can’t control it

    Is it love
    Will it fade
    Is it free
    Or will I pay

    Will I live
    Will I die
    Feels so perfect
    I could fly

    The night is young
    And so are we
    I couldn’t imagine
    A better place to be

    New experiences
    Intense emotions
    Out of control
    Into… Continue reading

  • Moment

    Give me a moment
    And I shall be
    Everything you want
    Anything you need

    Give me a moment
    And I shall say
    Words of sweet passion
    As I whisper your name

    Give me a moment
    And I shall cry
    For all our happy moments
    And all this precious time

    Give me a… Continue reading

  • Ode to Becky

    You closed your eyes forever
    How long is forever
    Will you ever open your eyes again
    Who’s eyes will you open next
    Will your new eyes ever see mine again
    I so long to see your old ones
    Old eyes, old memories
    New eyes, new memories
    I get… Continue reading

  • Tearsdrop

    Flowing gently down my cheek
    A crystal clear drop of my pain
    Splashing down into my palms
    As I hold close my entrapped brain

    Whirling fast with no restraint
    A mind wanders beyond insane
    No outline for what will be
    Only time will set me free

    One more… Continue reading