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Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.

Where the construct of thought & imagination takes root.

Poetry by Bonny

Creative Expressions

Poetry by Bonny has been a lifelong endeavour of mine since I was a young girl. From the moment I learned to form sentences and rhyme words, I have communicated my thoughts and feelings through written expression. Having grown up with a lot of emotional and psychological struggles gave me much in-depth experience to draw from that helped to guide me in my writing. As I’ve grown older, I’ve found less of a need to express myself in poetry and have turned to other artistic expressions like Web & Graphic Design and sometimes even Photography.

Poetry is always at the heart of every expression and every emotion as life is like poetry in motion. I find the beauty in the most unusual places, embrace that beauty and draw life from each experience, allowing it to feed my creative energies. Growing older has also allowed me to outgrow many of the emotions that once drew me to the darker depths of artistic expression, providing me with the ability to experience life in a different and more uplifting way but within me is always the artistic energy that propels me to express myself through words and design.

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  • Watching You Watching Me

    Oblivious to the eyes upon you
    As you sift through my thoughts at will
    Betrayal still inside your mind
    Or you wouldn’t be so curious still

    Hidden eyes in secret places
    Sitting quietly in the dark
    Watching you watching me
    As you unwittingly make your mark

    I ponder… Continue reading

  • Alternate Reality

    Take the mesh from my eyes
    And let me see the world
    My reality is not your own
    In your mind, I’m just a whore

    Falling pieces come undone
    Watch me struggle in need
    You see a mask; you don’t see me
    Just pretend I’m having fun

    Gone… Continue reading

  • You and I

    You say that I can be cruel
    I think you could be right
    You blame me for my anger
    My bark is weaker than my bite
    You sometimes do not trust me
    I have only told you the truth
    You love me when I’m unfaithful
    I yearn… Continue reading

  • My Birthright

    Teardrops misting gently upon my cheek
    As I often wonder why I wander away
    From what I know and all that I trust
    And find solace in this game of wordplay

    Slowly diverging from who I once was
    Some part of my old self surely… Continue reading

  • Do You?

    Do you remember how it felt to touch me
    Or how my kisses would stir you deep within
    Can you feel the heat building when you recall
    How my lips softly brushed against your skin?

    Do you still awaken so late at night and
    Are… Continue reading

  • Little Wonders

    Little feet and little hands
    Curious fingers and ticklish toes
    Dimpled cheeks with a smile so big
    Perfected sweetly with a pudgy nose

    Happy baby with twinkling eyes
    Giggling, laughing, so innocent
    Cuddly, playful, smart as can be
    An angel like this must be heaven sent

    A mother’s… Continue reading

  • Faces

    A face is a mask that all people wear
    Some are worn guardedly and some without care

    A face depicts moods and emotions we feel
    And sometimes what we see isn’t always real

    A face is like armor if we wear it the right… Continue reading

  • The Forgetting

    Dancing in the moment
    Forgetting to remember
    What should be priority
    In this chilly month of december

    Any mind would mind
    These secrets that I hide
    But I am without worry
    I still have dignity and pride

    Wandering within
    This tantalizing array
    Of feelings and emotions
    My wicked mind will play

    Pretending… Continue reading

  • Then and Now

    I pour my heart upon this page
    As I reminisce of memories come and gone
    Knowing now what I knew not then
    And having reached beyond the beyond

    The passion and pleasures we must forget
    Not one stolen moment, maybe two
    Maybe more, but I’m not… Continue reading

  • Vengeance

    The deck’s all laid out
    As always, the Ace is never on top
    Poor baby; you sure can’t win for lose
    Because noone ever taught you when to stop

    It boils in your blood
    As it races through your veins
    No, it’s no ordinary addiction
    For your… Continue reading